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Downloadable Forms


This must be filled out for any medication that needs to be administered during child care, including diaper cream and any other topical products. 


This should be filled out anytime your payment information needs to be changed. When changing your payment information, please attach a copy of a voided check or a letter from your bank with your account information.


This should be filled out anytime an infants feeding or nap routine changes, i.e. when they start on solids or start taking one nap per day. This form helps our staff have an idea of when your infant’s routine is throughout the day at a glance. 


This form must be filled out by a doctor or nurse practitioner within a child’s first 30 days at the center. The form will be updated annually and must include an updated copy of your child’s immunization record.  


This form includes parent/guardian information, as well as emergency contacts and permission for emergency transportation. This form must be completed before a child’s first day at the center and will be reviewed annually. 


If your child has an allergy or medical condition that requires us have emergency medication or regularly administer medication, we have to have a Medical Care Plan on file and all staff involved in your child’s care will be trained. This form must be filled out by your child’s doctor and turned in before their first day at the center. It will be updated annually or as the situation changes. 

Parent Handboook

Each parent/guardian is given a physical copy upon enrollment. This handbook contains all policies and procedures for our center, if you cannot find an answer in here, you can always reach out to the admin team. 

Child Vacation Request Form

We offer vacation reimbursement, up to one week each year (June 1st to May 31st). If you would like to take advantage of this policy, fill out this form and turn it in before your vacation.