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Early Starters
2 1/2 - 3 years

Our Early Starters class is designed for students that are ready for an academic challenge, but quite three yet. Students will be introduced to the basics with letters, shapes, colors, and numbers. It is a skills based class that will provide your students with a foundation to be successful in Preschool next year. We prefer that students in this class are potty-trained, however it is not a requirement until they reach Preschool. 

3 - 4 years

Our Preschool class is designed for three and young four year old students. Students continue to build on their knowledge about letters, shapes, colors, and numbers. They enjoy hands on activities, including art, music, dramatic play, science experiments, story time, and more. Students begin to develop their handwriting and scissor skills. It is required that students are potty trained by the first day of the school year for Preschool. 

4 - 5 years old

Our Pre-Kindergarten class is designed for older four and five year old students. They continue to build on the foundation created through Early Starters and Preschool, through visual and auditory letter, number, and shape recognition. Students are introduced to basic sight words and develop phonetic awareness. They continue to develop their handwriting skills. It is required that students be potty trained by the beginning of the school year for Pre-Kindergarten.

Additional Program Information

We host various events throughout the year, including Donuts with Dad, Muffins with Mom, Thanksgiving Feast, and more. All three classes participate in Chapel once a week with on of our pastors, where they sing songs and are introduced to various Bible stories. Students are assessed periodically and parent/teacher conferences are held throughout the year to monitor their progress. 

Teacher directed instruction is divided by whole group, small groups, and one on one activities. Each student’s instruction is tailored to meet their individual developmental needs. Your students will develop key social and emotional skills needed to be successful in school and other social environments. 

Class Sessions

Morning: 9:00am – 11:45am

Afternoon: 12:30pm – 3:15pm

School Year

– first day – the Monday after Labor Day in September

– last day – first Thursday in June



$200 per month 

paid on the 1st of each month